About us

PatWorld are patent search experts and a distinguished enterprise in the field of intellectual property.  It was established by brothers, Dean Parry MSC (a former UK Patent Examiner and scientific researcher) and Timothy Parry MBA (an expert in Business and Marketing across a number of industries).

With an impressive track record, PatWorld’s teams of patent analysts have been consistently delivering exceptional patent research and analysis services to IP law professionals, industries, and universities worldwide.

Recognizing the paramount importance of expertise and comprehensive knowledge, PatWorld strategically amalgamated the capabilities of its founders with the collective wisdom of a proficient team of specialized patent analysts. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of a truly global Intellectual Property Search Service, setting a new standard in the industry.

As specialists in patent, design and trademark search services for clients worldwide, PatWorld will work with you and provide A WORLD CLASS RESEARCH SERVICE.

  • Our Teams are trusted by Patent Attorneys, In-house counsel, SME and Universities.
  • One of Europe’s largest in-house private practice research teams covering Patent, Design and Trade Mark searching.
  • Headquarters in UK, working with clients globally.
  • Teams of experienced UK searchers, covering all subject matter.
  • Multi-level fixed-priced searches save you time and wasted phone calls/emails. Bespoke search and quote options are also available.
  • Multiple searchers on Standard Patentability/Novelty, FTO/Infringement, Invalidity/Patent Busting, State of the Art & Competitive Intelligence searches.
  • Use several databases to maximise global coverage.
  • Detailed, easy-to-use reports with links to the whole document. Separate relevance report, with analysis, stating why documents were included.
  • INPADOC/Legal/family status reports included for Infringement, with detailed national checks available.
  • Detailed search record of all search string/class combinations used, giving complete transparency.
  • Bespoke larger searches are also available.

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I would recommend Dean and his excellent team at PatWorld for patent searches. He has handled searching matters for me when I was in-house and when in private practice. He is knowledgeable and attentive and a generally all round nice guy! Simon Bradbury – Patent Attorney and Partner at Appleyard Lees

PatWorld Global IP Research Services

Patent, Design, and Trademark Research Experts with a combined experience of over 100 years in Intellectual Property searching. Highly trained, dynamic in-house research teams specialising in a wide range of subject matter. All our analysts follow a training program developed by former IPO Examiners. Our teams are available to discuss any specific technical points regarding your search enquiries.