As a Technology Transfer & Commercialization manager and consultant, I found Patworld to be a powerful tool for in-depth patent searching and competitive analysis for market intelligence. It contains comprehensive information that can help steer informed decision-making.

US federal government technology transfer executive

PatWorld is a business intelligence software and searchable patent database that allows you to rapidly gather, filter, view and analyze worldwide patent information. The database is competitively priced and it includes many advanced features such as:

  • AI smart search – maximise the quality of your search results, click the AI button on your initial search to use AI to extend your search to include potential missed results
  • Project sharing – collaborate with colleagues and clients and receive notifications on updates, saving valuable time and resources on your patent searching
  • Report generator – create reports from your results and export as a docx or pdf. Reports can be customized and provide an easy mechanism for sharing your patent data results in business intelligence meetings
  • Patent watching/alerts (monthly and annual accounts only) – monitor competitor patent filings and receive alerts when changes occur


PatWorld The Patent Intelligence Platform

Developed and extensively tested by Patent Research Experts with a combined experience of over 100 years in patent searching. PatWorld searches over 130 million patent documents worldwide, with single patent territory and across family search options, with weekly updates for newly published patents.