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If you are working on a search and prefer the experts to undertake it for you order a search from Patent Seekers.

For over 17 years, Patent Seekers research teams have provided the knowledge and expertise for Patentability, Freedom To Operate (FTO), Patent Busting, State of the Art, Patent Landscape and Mapping searches. Using our expertise we developed PatWorld to provide a professional patent database that experienced and novice searchers alike would benefit from. However, we recognise that not everyone wants to undertake searching themselves.

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Our flexible service can be customised to the way you work, your exact research outcomes and your budgetary requirements. Clients include patent, design and trademark attorneys, corporate IP departments, entrepreneurs and inventors. Each use our services in different ways to maximise savings on time and money without compromising on quality.
We can even share your project and results using PatWorld (if appropriate).

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PatWorld The Patent Intelligence Platform

Developed and extensively tested by Patent Research Experts with a combined experience of over 100 years in patent searching. PatWorld searches over 145 million patent documents worldwide, with single patent territory and across family search options, with weekly updates for newly published patents.