Discover the Future of Mobility

Discover the Future of Mobility with PatWorld and the Global IP Matrix

We are excited to announce that is featured in the latest issue of the Global IP Matrix, coinciding with the INTA 2024 annual meeting. The article, “The Future of Mobility: A Three-Way Race Between Hybrid, Hydrogen, and Electric Propulsion,” penned by industry experts Dean Parry and Clare Gibson, explores the competitive landscape of automotive innovation.

Key insights include:

  • Hydrogen Engines: Highlighting net zero-greenhouse gas emission alternatives with the potential to revolutionize multiple industries.
  • Electric Vehicles (EVs): Detailing advancements in battery technology, energy efficiency, and infrastructure.
  • Hybrid Vehicles: Bridging the gap between traditional combustion engines and future electric mobility, offering reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

The article also features visual data created via PatWorld, showcasing the rise of hydrogen and electric technologies through patent activities. Dean Parry and Clare Gibson provide a comprehensive analysis of the current trends and future prospects in the automotive industry.

For IP professionals and business leaders alike, this insightful piece is essential reading. Discover how PatWorld is pioneering the industry with advanced technologies and expert strategies.

Read the full article here and stay ahead in the IP world.

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