Leveraging Patent Data

Bringing a new technology or invention to market

Bringing a new technology or invention to market can be a long and arduous process. From conception to financing, from understanding the market and keeping tabs on competitors, the journey can be like threading a needle.

Understanding which companies are working in the same technology area as you can be beneficial. If your competitors have filed several new patents more recently this indicates active research and development. Further examination of the patents in detail will provide insights into the nature of the product, the underlying technology and how much it differs from products currently in-market. In addition, companies will monitor their competitors patent filing over time to keep an eye on their research and development.

On the flip side, if your competitors are sitting on several older patents in a particular technology area this indicates lack of research or by extension their focus has shifted elsewhere.

Understanding what your competitors are doing

Why is it helpful to understand what your competitors are doing?  It can help you understand to what extent your product is different to your competitors. This is important if you are launching a new product, as potentially you could be accused of infringing an existing patent. Additionally, patent data can help you understand what technologies your competitors are working on, can help guide product development and provide insights into what your competitors may be bringing to market.

PatWorld Patent Intelligence Platform

This is where PatWorld comes in. Our Patent Intelligence Platform searches over 145 million patent documents worldwide. You can monitor activity around:

  • Your patent portfolio (get notified when one of your patents is cited against new publications)
  • Competitor activity (See new publications, new markets being protected and license agreements)
  • Get notified when new competitors protect innovative products.

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PatWorld Research Services

In addition to our database, we can provide bespoke IP searches as well as our standard offering of Patent, Trademark and Design searches.

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