25% OFF an Annual Subscription to PatWorld – November only

Is the cost of your annual patent database subscription prohibitively expensive?

PatWorld is not only very competitively priced but for November 22, we’re offering a 25% discount off the cost of an annual subscription. At just £1620 (includes 25% discount) we think that’s fantastic value for money and will be a great way to support any firms cost cutting exercise, whilst still providing the tools of a professional patent database.

What do our clients think of PatWorld?

As a patent Attorney with a broad range of clients from SMEs to Multinationals, PatWorld provides all the tools I need at a great price point to carryout patent searches for my clients. The chart dashboard and relevance sorting tools in particular enable me to quickly identify patents and patent trends for my clients.


SIGN UP to PatWorld using promo code PATWORLDNOV25 and get 25% off the cost of an Annual subscription. (Set up account, verify, and add the promo code to your subscription in your account settings.)

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New Green Technology Discount

New Green Technology Discount from PatWorld

In order to show our commitment to combating climate change we are launching a new ‘Green’ initiative today. The initiative will aim to help inventors and companies in this field carry out research, apply for patents and launch their products into the marketplace.

This will take the form of a Green Technology 10% Discount.  Any inventor or company can request this discount. It applies to the yearly access for our patent search database “PatWorld” to carry out your own patent research.

Contact us for more information.

[email protected] or s[email protected] for North America.


PatWorld V3 New Features

PatWorld V3 New Features. We’re excited to announce we’ve upgraded our system with the release of V3!

Version 3 brings with it a complete redesign of the application for a smoother, more intuitive search experience. In addition to the new features and improvements. Changes are summarised below, and more information will be available via the Help pages on the PatWorld platform.

Our favourite features include sidebar, notes/ratings dashboard, folder indicators on results page, save as new chart, project activity stream and the following power-user features:

  • New keyboard shortcuts.
  • Folder name truncation searching.
  • Publication level folder searching (using the SD syntax).

New Layout

  • Everything within your project can now be accessed quickly and easily via the new sidebar.
  • Notes/Ratings, Folders, Charts, Exports, Alerts and Reports dashboards are now available. This allows you to quickly review them and, where applicable, view their associated publications at the click of a button!

  • Each dedicated page has been designed to provide you with all the information you should need, including:
    – The notes and ratings you have given to the publications within your project.

–  Alert run times and latest changes for each alert.

– Project and user group members and their associated privileges.

– The activities within your project, by all users within the project (available via the Project Overview page and the new header) providing an audit trail for all your projects.

New Features

  • Return to the results page on your last viewed query and resume analysis from any page by clicking the Results link in the sidebar.
  • The family tree drawer now includes indications for the ratings, notes, and folders of each publication.
  • Folders for each publication are indicated in each publication’s header on the results page.
  • Add metadata to your projects and see the reference, description, and summary in your reports!
  • Quickly and easily switch projects and histories via the new switchers in the header.
  • You can now save your charts as a new chart via the ‘Save As’ button, allowing you to quickly create multiple charts from the same source.
    – Once saved, you can now also compare up to 4 charts side-by-side.
  • Notes/Ratings, Folders, Highlighting, Charts, Exports, Alerts, Reports, Histories update in real time for smooth collaboration.
  • More keyboard shortcuts added to the results pages, where 0-5 will now rate the active publication accordingly, 6 opens the note for the active publication, and 7 appends any selected text to the active publication’s note.


  • Directional distance operators are now available allowing you to ensure each word follows the previous, e.g., test f2 tube will find testing of tubes but not tubes for testing.
  • Publication level folder searching (via the SD syntax) e.g. {SD:Myfolder} will return the publications added your folders rather than all the family members thereof which are returned by {MyFolder}, allowing you to identify the relevant publications more easily when reviewing your results.
  • Folder name truncation searching e.g. {MyFolder*} will search {MyFolder1} and {MyFolder2}.
  • Tooltips have been clarified and updated to load more quickly.

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PatWorld Patent Alerts & Monitoring – New Improved Alert Function

New Improved PatWorld Patent Alerts & Monitoring system with the release of V2.5. Includes Monitoring New Forward and Backward Citations.

Version 2.5 brings with it a lot of changes to our Alerts feature which we’ll cover below. But firstly.

What are alerts and why would I use them?

Alerts allow you to monitor a specific portfolio of patents, a query containing up-to-date patent data or patents of particular interest. For example patents in a folder, with notes or star-ratings you have provided. You can base an alert on any number of queries. Including an assignee, a classification, a full text string, a list of publication numbers or any other searchable fields. Alerts are set to weekly by default. So that each week you can gain an edge into potential infringements, new advancements in a particular technology area or new competitors.

Monitor New Forward Citations / Backward Citations

These options allow for an easy way to monitor competitors, potential infringements and new advancements in a particular area.

Monitor Additional New Fields

Control which ‘other’ fields to monitor. Just by selecting full text additions, names, family movements and classifications separately to tailor to your interests.

Schedule Email Notifications to Any Email Address

Keep your colleagues and clients up to date. Automatically schedule sending alert emails to external recipients.

One Click Changelog Downloads

Alert emails feature a one-click downloadable csv changelog link as a faster way to access the data. See highlighted text on the image above.

Additional Content Added to Downloadable CSV

Additional fields added to csv change logs; title, abstract, first claim, publication date, application date, priority information, applicant, inventor, IPC, CPC.  Furthermore, Changelogs contain more specific change information (e.g. 2 classifications added, abstract now available, 3 legal statuses added).

View All Your Changes in a New Viewable Folder

When a change occurs a folder is created in your project. This folder contains publications with identified changes. You can then produce charts, custom exports or view results in PatWorld.

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Why not check out our Business and Intelligence page for information on how PatWorld can be used to gather business intelligence and inform research and development.

Similarity Search and other updates added September 2021

PatWorld has recently added a wealth of updates to further improve your patent searching experience. You are now able to carry out the following:

  • Similarity search added – you can now quickly see related patents at the click of a button.
  • Quickly search names (assignee, inventor, agent) direct from your results.
  • Pop-out patents and classifications in a new window.
  • Download exports in a single click, at the top of the screen when available.
  • Receive notifications on star ratings or note changes by other users on shared projects.

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If you would like a demonstration of the latest updates sign up for a free demo for you and/or your team here Calendly – PatWorld

Why not check out our Business and Intelligence page for information on how PatWorld can be used to gather business intelligence and inform research and development.

The Patent Landscape of AI

Patent Seekers, will be utilising PatWorld and sharing their knowledge on the Patent Landscape of AI, at the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys forthcoming Computer Technology Committee Virtual Seminar. The event runs over 2 days 25 & 27 May. For further info & sign up visit: http://ow.ly/TPoF50ESj2F

Did you miss the seminar? Check out our other news articles for industry insights.

Why not check out our Business and Intelligence page for information on how PatWorld can be used to gather business intelligence and inform research and development. If you would like a demonstration sign up for a free demo for you and/or your team here Calendly – PatWorld


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AIPLA Virtual Mid-Winter Institute 2021

Attending the AIPLA Virtual Mid-Winter Institute February 1st to 5th 2021? PatWorld and Patent Seekers will be there to join the conversations, contribute to discussions and support your Intellectual Property search needs. Let us know if you’re attending, and look out for our exhibition space.Sign up at https://aipla.org/mw21

If you didn’t get an opportunity to meet with us at the AIPLA Virtual Mid-Winter Institute feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to discuss our services and how we can tailor them to your requirements.

Patent Seekers – experts in patent, design and trademark searching. Contact us at [email protected]

PatWorld is a patent intelligence platform developed to help you get the most from your patent research. Whether you use patent databases for business intelligence, check on the latest patents to inform your own research, or look for collaborators to work with, PatWorld is easy to use and allows immediate access. Daily, monthly or annual subscriptions.  

The Patent Development of Single Use Plastics

Food packaging has dominated headlines in recent years, largely due to the negative environmental impact of the production and waste of single-use plastics. With companies and governmentvowing to combat this it will be interesting to see if the patents within this field reflect the rhetoric, as well as looking where the industry is generally heading.


In the latest publication of Food & Drink Processing & Packaging  (page 68), Patent Seekers utilised the PatWorld platform to analyse the patents published within the last year and understand the industry direction.

Using patent data for business intelligence allows you to gain insights into a technology area. What is the direction of innovation? What are your competitors doing? Are there opportunities for collaboration and/or investment. PatWorld allows you to mine into patent data and extract information into a report with charts. 

Want to find out more about PatWorld? Complete our contact form, or email [email protected].

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Transform Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

It is clear that AI is transforming the world of medicine. Yet innovation around the globe appears to be primarily concentrated in the US and China, the two economic powerhouses.


In the latest publication of Medical Device Developments  (page 27), Patent Seekers utilised PatWorld to analyse the impact artificial intelligence has on Healthcare.


Are you in the healthcare industry and do you utilise patent data for business intelligence?  Check out our Business Intelligence page for examples on the type of insights you can gather from patent data.

PatWorld is an easy to use Patent Intelligence Platform, allowing you to mine patent data and create graphs and charts to analyse industry direction.

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If you’d like to book an online demonstration select a date and time that’s convenient for you.

Using the PatWorld Patent Intelligence Platform – Webinar 22 Oct 2020

Are you an innovative business, patent researcher, patent attorney or IP Counsel? How are you currently researching patents and competitors?

The PatWorld Patent Intelligence Platform delivers:

  • A comprehensive patent database with an intuitive user interface
  • Analytics in the form of an innovative, easy to use, chart dashboard
  • Shared projects to easily work together with colleagues and clients
  • Virtually unlimited patent alerts
  • Competitively priced with day, month, and yearly subscriptions (corporate accounts available)

If you would like to find out how PatWorld can meet your patent search and analysis needs then sign up here for our webinar to find out more.

Registration link (the webinar starts at 4pm (GMT) and 11am (ET)): https://lnkd.in/drJD_6E

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