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For Patentability, Freedom To Operate (FTO), Patent and Design Busting, State of the Art, and Competitive Intelligence searches. Patent and Non-Patent literature searches using multiple databases worldwide.

Whether you are looking to develop, launch, import or export a new product we provide specialist searches covering all technologies. Our patent, design and trade mark search services can be tailored, which allows us to meet individual client needs. 

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Our Search Services Include:

Prior to Filing / Patentability / NoveltyRequest a Quote

Is your invention new and inventive? We search patent and/or non-patent literature published before your invention. This provides information to help determine the viability of your invention thus giving you an informed decision on you whether should invest in filing a patent application. 

Infringement / Freedom to Operate / ClearanceRequest a Quote

Anyone wishing to manufacture, import/export and/or sell products will need to consider whether they are free to operate. An infringement search helps to identify the risk of your invention infringing an existing patent in the relevant country/countries and therefore the risk of litigation. (These searches can often be called FTO searches). 

Invalidity / Patent & Design Busting / Strength analysisRequest a Quote

If you are accused of infringement or worried about an existing patent, an invalidity search will help identify if that patent is valid. Thus, providing additional information in support of a defence. This search can also be used to test the strength of your own patent prior to going to market or enforcing it. Or, to assess the value of a patent you wish to purchase. (These searches can also be called validity searches). 

State of the Art / CollectionRequest a Quote

This is a broad search collecting together patents relating to how competitors have tried to solve a particular problem over a time period. It categorises the patents and gives the full details of them. This is useful in the early stages of research to identify areas lacking in development or those that have been heavily developed. Thus helping to avoid the problem of wasting funds on research (e.g. reinventing the wheel), allowing research to be applied in those areas that could prove most productive. 

Patent, Design & Trade Mark Watching (Monitoring)Request a Quote

This search allows you to keep track of your competitors’ patent applications. This can be carried out on a regular basis customised to your requirements. 

Company or Inventor Name searchRequest a Quote

Find out what patents or designs a company or inventor owns. 

Company InvestigationRequest a Quote

Carry out this search to find out what different names a company might be using on their patents or designs. E.g. A patent may be under a subsidiary of a company and this may be why you are unable to locate it. 

Our Search Services Provide: 

Global coverage 

We undertake worldwide IP searches for clients in the UK and from further afield including but not limited to the EU, US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, China, Singapore and Japan. We provide global coverage using multiple databases, including specialist subject specific databases. This allows us to provide an accurate and tailored search service at a cost effective price. 

Use of multiple databases 

We do not restrict ourselves to one or two databases, and currently use the following as appropriate: 

  • PatWorld 
  • Total patent 
  • Derwent Innovation 
  • Patent Abstracts of Japan 
  • Espacenet 
  • STN (inc. MARPAT (MARKUSH)) 
  • NCBI 
  • British Library research 


Our powerful suite of databases is combined with our technical and searching expertise, as a result you will be assured of search reports that are thorough, accurate and based upon the best literature available in the world. We specifically design our reports to help save you valuable review time. 

New! Smart AI search technology 

Our search and analysis has hit new heights for quality! With the additional step of our “Smart AI” search to add to the results for Patentability, Patent Busting/Invalidity, FTO/Infringement and State of the Art searching. 

Subject areas covered 

At PatWorld we are experts in providing searches in the following subject matter: 

search for patents, patent translation, patent filing number

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Our flexible service can be customised to the way you work, your exact research outcomes and your budgetary requirements. Clients include patent, design and trademark attorneys, corporate IP departments, entrepreneurs and inventors. Each use our services in different ways to maximise savings on time and money without compromising on quality.
We can even share your project and results using PatWorld (if appropriate).

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