Electronics, IT & Physics

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The team has significant experience and expertise in both digital and analogue electronics. Areas of expertise include telecommunication systems, control and power electronics, and device fabrication.

Information Technology

Our clients’ interests in computer science and IT include, computer architecture, secure systems, communications networks including local and wide-area networks, computer peripherals and telecommunications and broadcast technologies. In the software field, our searches include business process inventions, neural networks, data processing, image processing, data compression, encryption/decryption, the Internet of Things, communications protocols, operating systems and object-orientated programming techniques.


We handle a wide variety of physical-related technologies including optics, medical physics, imaging, superconductors, laser physics and quantum devices.

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Our teams are ready to meet the challenges of researching this leading-edge field. They understand and can assist with protecting and exploiting developments in subjects diverse as:

  • Aerospace & aerodynamics
  • Applied electronics
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning
  • Automotive electronics
  • Biometrics
  • Communications engineering & telecommunications
  • Electrodynamics & electrical engineering
  • Energy technologies & power engineering
  • Environment technologies & environmental engineering
  • Information technologies
  • Laser physics & technologies
  • Lighting engineering
  • Measurement technologies
  • Medical engineering, medical physics
  • Optics
  • Propulsion technologies
  • Semiconductor physics & technologies
  • Software
  • Solid state physics
  • Speech & image editing

Should your search requirements converge with other technologies, our teams will draw upon each other’s knowledge and experience, with specializations including Bio-science, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Medical, and Electrical & Mechanical.

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