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The PatWorld database has been developed and extensively tested by industry experts who have a combined experience in patent searching of over 100 years. It has been created to not only meet the needs of professional searchers, but also to be user friendly to enable users of all searching abilities to gain a valuable insight into the world of patents.

  • Full Text for Patent Cooperation Treaty (WO) and EPO (EP), United States of America (US), United Kingdom (GB), France (FR), Germany (DE), Canada (CA), China (CN) [English language machine translations] and Japan (JP) [English language machine translations].
    Korea (KR), Australia (AU) and Singapore (SG) currently being added)
  • Bibliographic information from 100+ territories
  • 125+ million documents grouped across 69+ million patent families
  • Translations – Full text searching in English, French and German, using SYSTRAN™ Pure Neural™ to provide machine translations between eight languages. (Additional languages to follow in future releases)
  • Updates – Weekly updates from WIPO, USPTO, EPO, DPMA, IPPH and CIPO.
  • Reports/Analysis/Charts – Can be customised to suit individual requirements
  • Create work files and export to share and collaborate
  • Create Alerts – Can be customised to suit individual requirements
  • Dedicated support and development team.

You can view summarised coverage information via csv here and full coverage information via csv here.

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Developed and extensively tested by Patent Research Experts with a combined experience of over 100 years in patent searching. PatWorld searches over 115 million documents worldwide, with weekly updates.