Are you staying up to date with the latest trends in the autonomous vehicle industry?

Are you staying current with the latest trends in the autonomous vehicle industry?

From self-driving cars to AI-based assisted driving, carmakers are working hard to make the roads safer and more efficient. Using PatWorld we’re showcasing a few of the latest patents in the autonomous vehicle industry.
Vehicle Operation Safety Model Test System – US2023043905A1 – This patent by Mobileye and Intel describes a System and techniques for test scenario verification for a simulation of an autonomous vehicle safety action.
Foldable Pedal Apparatus for Vehicle – US11630475B1 – Hyundai and Kia’s patent depicts a pedal hidden during autonomous driving but protruding when the vehicle is operated manually.

Systems and Methods for Controlling Speed of an Autonomous Vehicle – US2023115758A1 – This patent by Argo and Ford describes Systems and methods for generating a vehicle trajectory for it to handle complex traffic scenarios by taking into consideration dynamic actors and stationary objects.


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trends in the autonomous vehicle industry

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