Online Patent Infringement – A Growing Concern

The Growing Concern of Online Patent Infringement and it’s Impact on E-Commerce Giants.

The rapid growth of e-commerce has undeniably transformed our shopping habits in profound ways. The rise of online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay has provided consumers with unparalleled convenience while empowering businesses to reach a wider customer base than ever before. In the latest issue of the Global IP Matrix publication, Sue Leslie Digital Marketing Manager at PatWorld discusses the impact that online patent infringement has on E-Commerce giants.

The article delves into the problems associated with online patent infringement, and covers:

  • Understanding Patent Infringement
  • The Rise of Online Patent Infringement
  • Amazon’s Role and Responsibility
  • Impact on Industries and Innovation
  • Consumer Trust and Safety
  • Legal Challenges and Enforcement
  • Undertaking Patent Searches for Digital Infringement

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Sue Leslie, is a Digital Marketing Manager at PatWorld. She is passionate about digital marketing and intellectual property. With 7+ years of experience in the field, she’s honed her skills as a strategic thinker and creative problem solver. Formerly immersed in the world of education, specialising in digital learning, she brings a unique perspective to PatWorld. A seasoned networker, who has traversed the globe attending intellectual property conferences, always seeking opportunities for growth and collaboration. A perpetual student, both professionally and personally, committed to staying ahead of industry trends and constantly expanding her knowledge base. Let’s connect and explore how we can leverage digital marketing to protect and promote intellectual property.

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