Does your company have patents? Are you monitoring activity?

Does your company have patents? You should be monitoring activity around:
  • Your patent portfolio (get notified when one of your patents is cited against new publications)
  • Competitor activity (See new publications, new markets being protected and license agreements)
  • Get notified when new competitors protect innovative products.

Not sure how PatWorld Alerts will work for you? William Chelton https://www.linkedin.com/in/willchelton/ provides advisory and consultancy services focussed on intellectual property (IP). In this short video he discusses how setting alerts in PatWorld is the easiest way to find out people who are innovating in your area. “I would set one of these alerts on all of my cases.”

With PatWorld you can access over 145 million patents. Features include:

  • Unlimited Alerts for Annual and Monthly accounts
  • Smart AI search,
  • Unlimited project storage,
  • Project sharing, and
  • Full online support from experienced analysts.

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Will Chelton has more than 15 years’ hands-on experience in IP, including five years as a patent attorney in private practice and over a decade as in-house counsel at several of the world’s leading technology companies, spanning all aspects of IP strategy and management. His approach is to join clients as an extension of the team, to help them to make the right IP decisions for their businesses, and to support them through projects to deliver on their IP goals. To reach out to Will contact him via https://www.linkedin.com/in/willchelton/

PatWorld Alerts feature

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