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Using Quick Search

This video will show you how to use the quick search tool to search for documents in PatWorld.

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Using Standard Search

How to use the standard search tool in PatWorld – This tool has more features than the “Quick Search” and can be used for more complex queries, such as searching by territory, or by name.

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Using Advanced Search

How to use the advanced search tool – This tool is similar to the “Standard Search”; however, here you can combine queries for more searching possibilities.

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Using Smart Search

This video will demonstrate how to use the “Semantic” tool, which automatically extracts and searches keyword combinations from a block of relevant text to quickly return similarly described documents.

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Using Number Search

Use this tool to upload a set of Publication, Application, Priority or Family numbers for review.

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Searching By Code

This video illustrates the various syntax (search codes) supported by PatWorld and a how to implement them into your searching.

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Using Proximity Operators

How to search for a keyword (or multiple keywords) within a specified proximity to another word (or keywords).

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Managing Histories

This video will show you how you can keep track of your searching by logging your search queries in multiple saved histories.

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Managing Folders and Projects

Projects can be used to manage and organise your work. This video will show you the different features of the projects tool, including how to create folders to manage result sets, and how to share a project with another PatWorld user.

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Performing a Name Search

This video will demonstrate how PatWorld can be used to find documents owned by an assignee/applicant or inventor.

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Performing an Invalidity Search

This video will show you how to use the PatWorld search tools to target results that could be used to invalidate a patent.

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Performing a Freedom to Operate Search

This video will show you how to use the PatWorld search tools to find documents for a Freedom to Operate search, by searching for patent claims and using appropriate date and territory limitations, to uncover patents that may inhibit your invention’s route to market.

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