Patent Research Solutions

Patent Research Solutions

Patent researchers require simple and advanced tools to search through the patent literature. PatWorld provides an easy to use platform to quickly search technology areas and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of patent researchers to enable them to carry out basic name searches, prior to filing, freedom to operate, patent busting, state of the art and analytics.

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Identify if an invention is new and inventive

Search the patent literature published before an invention to ascertain its novelty and inventiveness. Make an informed decision on whether your client should invest in drafting and filing a patent application to protect their invention.

Full text (FT) on all major territories plus FT Asian territories in English including China, Japan, South Korea, etc

Search a breadth of global patent text when conducting your research, including fully English translated Chinese, Japanese and South Korean patents, opening up a wealth of additional information to support you with your patent searching needs.

Chart dashboard options

Access a wide array of fully customisable charts to create visual representations of patent data, allowing easier identification of trends and insights.

Bar chart

Heat map

Bubble map

2d and 3d Pie Charts

3d Pie Charts with depth

World map

Patent Alerts/Monitoring

Easily set up automatic email alerts to detect new patents and changes in patent activity. These can be set up (from the history page) to create alerts on a regular basis such as weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Share Projects to Collaborate

Keep a record of all searching, notes, charts, and star-rated patents in a ‘project’, then share that information directly with clients and co-workers. Achieve a high level of seamless collaboration by working from the same ‘project’ as your colleagues.

Extract patent data and create reports

Run a search and then extract the results into an Excel file.

Analyse your search results by marking them from 1 to 5 stars and add notes to each of your top results. These results with their stars and notes can be automatically pulled into a report.

Determine Freedom to Operate

Identify the risk of an invention infringing existing patents in the relevant country/countries and therefore the risk of litigation.

Identify Patent Busting Prior Art

Search the patent literature to help identify if a patent is valid and provide additional information in support of a defence.

Analyse the State of the Art for a particular technology

Collect together patents relating to how a particular problem has been solved over the years. Identify areas in the early stages of research that are lacking in development as well as those that have been heavily developed. Use charts to help visually represent these areas.

Advanced tools


  • New and improved UI for a smoother, more intuitive search experience
  • New cooperative features include: activity stream audit trail, project meta data, dedicated project overview page, real-time updates with notifications
  • Dedicated Star ratings and notes page, which can be added to exports
  • Resume results analysis immediately upon login by tracking the last query viewed
  • Colour-coded folder/tag visibility during results analysis for easy reference
  • Upload files containing numbers in multiple columns and sheets in XLSX and CSV formats
  • Export only publications matching alert/folder/query/selection, whole families or representative family members only




Full details on these updates and additional enhancements can be found in the change log within PatWorld. Not yet a user, email [email protected] for further information.

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PatWorld The Patent Intelligence Platform

Developed and extensively tested by Patent Research Experts with a combined experience of over 100 years in patent searching. PatWorld searches over 145 million patent documents worldwide, with single patent territory and across family search options, with weekly updates for newly published patents.