Patent Attorney Insights

Patent Attorney Insights

Patent Attorneys can access a wide range of tools within the PatWorld database, including a Chart Dashboard allowing detailed analysis of company and attorney firm patent filings for multiple territories. The database also includes an easy to use patent search platform to run searches, generate reports, extract data and set up alerts.

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Identify key clients for particular Attorneys

Investigate where potential and key clients are to boost your business. Use the Patent Agent/Attorney search and charts feature to identify who other attorneys are representing and where.

Monitor Legal Representation Evolution

Keep track of Agent/Attorney activity for a particular company.

Patent Alerts/Monitoring

Use the search form to build a query that you would like to monitor, e.g. use a text string and territory to be monitored.

Easily set up automatic email alerts to detect new patents and changes in patent activity. These can be set up (from the history page) to create alerts on a regular basis such as monthly or quarterly.

Discover Patent Attorneys Active for particular technologies and territories

Review patent filing territories of interest to help you develop your business strategy. Use the territory search and agents chart to analyse the top agents.

Find patent attorneys to collaborate with

A tool to help you identify potential partners who you could work with. Search for a technology area that you would like to explore and create charts. Generate a bubble chart to show the territory distribution of potential agents/attorneys for a specific technology area.

Discover companies Active for particular territories/countries

This can help you identify potential clients who are active in certain territories/countries. Use a date limitation to focus on prolific companies that have been recently active.

Also investigate the evolution of patent subject matter for a particular company and territory using a Heat Map.

Discover companies active in a technology area

Search for a technology area and create charts to find the most prolific assignees in the area. A heat map will show how companies’ publication trends have changed over the years, and how they compare with one another. Attorneys who specialise in a particular technology area, can use this to find new clients.

Extract patent data and create reports

Run a search and then extract the results into an Excel file.

Analyse your search results by marking them from 1 to 5 stars and add notes to each of your top results. These results with their stars and notes can be automatically pulled into a report.

Advanced tools


  • New and improved UI for a smoother, more intuitive search experience
  • New cooperative features include: activity stream audit trail, project meta data, dedicated project overview page, real-time updates with notifications
  • Dedicated Star ratings and notes page, which can be added to exports
  • Resume results analysis immediately upon login by tracking the last query viewed
  • Colour-coded folder/tag visibility during results analysis for easy reference
  • Upload files containing numbers in multiple columns and sheets in XLSX and CSV formats
  • Export only publications matching alert/folder/query/selection, whole families or representative family members only



Full details on these updates and additional enhancements can be found in the change log within PatWorld. Not yet a user, email [email protected] for further information.

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