FemTech – Highlighting Innovation in the Technology Space

FemTech – Reviewing Patents to Highlight Innovation

Clare Gibson Senior Patent Analyst at PatWorld shares her thoughts on the Innovation in FemTech by reviewing patents.

“FemTech” is a relatively recent term coined in 2016 by the Danish entrepreneur Ida Tin, creator of the period and menstruation tracking app “Clue”, where the term is now synonymous with technology focused on women’s health. Such technology often includes software, diagnostics, products and services, with a large proportion holding female reproductive health at its core. For example, fertility solutions, menstruation tracking apps, pregnancy care, nursing care, sexual wellness, contraception, and general reproductive health care are a few areas where FemTech operates.

Read the full article in the latest issue of the Women’s IP World Annual.

Clare Gibson is a Senior Analyst at PatWorld and an expert in undertaking FTO, Patentability and Invalidity searches, covering all types of subject matter with specialisms in Physics and Mechanics.

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Leveraging Patent Data

Bringing a new technology or invention to market

Bringing a new technology or invention to market can be a long and arduous process. From conception to financing, from understanding the market and keeping tabs on competitors, the journey can be like threading a needle.

Understanding which companies are working in the same technology area as you can be beneficial. If your competitors have filed several new patents more recently this indicates active research and development. Further examination of the patents in detail will provide insights into the nature of the product, the underlying technology and how much it differs from products currently in-market. In addition, companies will monitor their competitors patent filing over time to keep an eye on their research and development.

On the flip side, if your competitors are sitting on several older patents in a particular technology area this indicates lack of research or by extension their focus has shifted elsewhere.

Understanding what your competitors are doing

Why is it helpful to understand what your competitors are doing?  It can help you understand to what extent your product is different to your competitors. This is important if you are launching a new product, as potentially you could be accused of infringing an existing patent. Additionally, patent data can help you understand what technologies your competitors are working on, can help guide product development and provide insights into what your competitors may be bringing to market.

PatWorld Patent Intelligence Platform

This is where PatWorld comes in. Our Patent Intelligence Platform searches over 145 million patent documents worldwide. You can monitor activity around:

  • Your patent portfolio (get notified when one of your patents is cited against new publications)
  • Competitor activity (See new publications, new markets being protected and license agreements)
  • Get notified when new competitors protect innovative products.

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PatWorld Research Services

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Does your company have patents? Are you monitoring activity?

Does your company have patents? You should be monitoring activity around:

  • Your patent portfolio (get notified when one of your patents is cited against new publications)
  • Competitor activity (See new publications, new markets being protected and license agreements)
  • Get notified when new competitors protect innovative products.

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What we can do for you

The medical field is continually evolving. Companies spend huge budgets each year on the research and development of new medical devices.

It is a truly worldwide market place with fierce competition thereby making the protection of new medical tech advancements essential.

PatWorld has a team of individuals that is ready to meet the challenges that this constantly evolving field presents. We understand and likewise support clients with the task of undertaking specialist searches.

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We assist with protecting and exploiting developments in a range of leading edge fields as diverse as:

Biocompatible materials
Biomedical engineering
Cardiovascular disease
Computer directed surgery
Drug delivery
Electrotherapy / Radiation Therapy / Ultrasound Therapy
Gastrointestinal diseases
Gene therapy
Inhaler technology
Medical Imaging
Medicinal preparations/therapeutics
Minimally invasive surgeries
Surgical devices and implants
Wound Care

Should your search requirements converge with other technologies, out teams will draw upon each other’s knowledge and experience, with specializations including Bio-science, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Electronic, IT & Physics, and Electrical & Mechanical.

Electronics, IT & Physics

What we can do for you


The team has significant experience and expertize in both digital and analogue electronics. Areas of expertize include telecommunication systems, control and power electronics, and device fabrication.

Information Technology

Our clients’ interests in computer science and IT include, computer architecture, secure systems, communications networks including local and wide-area networks, computer peripherals and telecommunications and broadcast technologies. In the software field, our searches include business process inventions, neural networks, data processing, image processing, data compression, encryption/decryption, the Internet of Things, communications protocols, operating systems and object-orientated programming techniques.


We handle a wide variety of physical-related technologies including optics, medical physics, imaging, superconductors, laser physics and quantum devices.

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Our teams are ready to meet the challenges of researching this leading-edge field. They understand and can assist with protecting and exploiting developments in subjects diverse as:

  • Aerospace & aerodynamics
  • Applied electronics
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning
  • Automotive electronics
  • Biometrics
  • Communications engineering & telecommunications
  • Electrodynamics & electrical engineering
  • Energy technologies & power engineering
  • Environment technologies & environmental engineering
  • Information technologies
  • Laser physics & technologies
  • Lighting engineering
  • Measurement technologies
  • Medical engineering, medical physics
  • Optics
  • Propulsion technologies
  • Semiconductor physics & technologies
  • Software
  • Solid state physics
  • Speech & image editing

Should your search requirements converge with other technologies, our teams will draw upon each other’s knowledge and experience, with specializations including Bio-science, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Medical, and Electrical & Mechanical.

Bioscience, Chemical & Pharma

What we can do for you

Biotech, Chemical and Pharmaceutical patent searches.  At a technical level, we handle all subject matter within these technology areas. We work on a wide variety of projects in these specialist areas including pharmaceuticals, genetics, petrochemicals, polymers and household products. Between them our teams are widely versed in organic, inorganic, physical and solid state chemistry, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy and materials science. Within those disciplines they have specialist knowledge in the following areas:

  • Molecular biology and molecular biological methods
  • Immunology
  • Virology
  • Pharmaceuticals, galenics, formulations
  • Molecular Diagnostics, in particular chip technologies
  • Medical engineering
  • Organic chemistry, in particular, structures searching
  • Gene & Protein Sequence Searching
  • Food Technology

Chemistry Searches

Chemistry searchers are particularly attuned to the needs of chemical research and the industry. Their knowledge has been gained from experience in fields of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry including:

  • Technical and macro molecular chemistry, in particular polymerizations, plastics, polymers, elastomers, adhesives, polymer processing and analysis
  • Inorganic chemistry, in particular catalysts, construction chemistry, ceramics
  • Physical chemistry, in particular coating of surfaces, spectroscopy
  • Analytical and diagnostic methods

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Should your search requirements converge with other technologies, our teams will draw upon each other’s knowledge and experience, with specializations including Electronics, IT & Physics, Electrical & Mechanical, and Medical.

Electrical & Mechanical

What we can do for you

Our Electrical and Mechanical group advise clients whose interests range from simple household appliances to control systems for aircraft. The success of this team can be attributed in part to the very broad technical skills base of its members and the quality of its output.

Because of the diversity of our clients, we appreciate that each has different requirements and that those requirements may change as they develop. Whether you’re looking for an electrical or mechanical search our services can be customised on an individual basis.

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The searchers in this team have broad-based expertise in electrical and mechanical related field and experience in the following areas:

  • Agricultural technologies
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Chemical technologies & apparatus
  • Food processing equipment
  • Fluid handling
  • Manufacturing technologies & apparatus
  • Marine engineering
  • Material science
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Medical engineering
  • Mining
  • Oil & gas technologies
  • Packaging
  • Precision engineering & micro-technologies
  • Printing
  • Pumps & engines
  • Renewable energy
  • Rolling stock
  • Structural engineering
  • Textile technologies
  • Tools & tooling

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Should your search requirements converge with other technologies, our teams will draw upon each other’s knowledge and experience, with specializations including Bio-science, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, IT, Physics and Medical.

New Green Technology Discount

New Green Technology Discount from PatWorld

In order to show our commitment to combating climate change we are launching a new ‘Green’ initiative today. The initiative will aim to help inventors and companies in this field carry out research, apply for patents and launch their products into the marketplace.

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